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matias profiiliThis blog deals with topics of usability – or the lack thereof. Abuser interfaces as I once wittily put it. The author is  usability expert, M.Sc. (Tech.) Matias Pietilä. The content is mostly in Finnish – as I see there is a need for Finnish blogs about usability – but I might write in English whenever I imagine the topic be more broadly interesting. These articles can be found under the category In English.

The beginning of my gmail.com address is matias.pietila. My Skype name is matiaspietila and I can be found in Twitter as @mpietila or in Linkedin as matiaspietila.

My professional interest over the topic of usability concentrates on two fields. First of all, I’m interested in strategic usability: how the user-centered design approach can be combined with business development in order to come up with new products and services that meet the unarticulated needs and desires of the customers. I also wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of strategic usability.

Secondly, I’m an eager follower of the topic of agile usability or lean UX : How to best combine the agile software development ideology with the user-centered design approach and develop elegant solutions quickly and effectively.

Currently I work as the head of user experience in a company called Qvik. We design and develop great iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications for our clients.



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